Left side lighhouses


A: No, the LiFEHOUSES are fully designed and documented by Lifehouse Design, ready for you to take the final plans to a builder for pricing and construction.  You purchase a fully-resolved drawing package of the LiFEHOUSE layout you choose. The structure is based on our unique, flexible, 3.0 x 5.4 metre design module that can be formatted in various ways to create the perfect home for you!

A: Yes - the LiFEHOUSES are designed to be flexible in the way they can be put together to create a cost-effective, energy-efficient home.  We have come up with some great floor plans, but if you want to modify the layouts, we can work with you on an hourly rate to come up with something that will suit you better.

A: They can be built on either flooring option, depending on what suits you and your site.  The estimate costs are based on a sealed concrete slab floor throughout.

A: Yes, we’ve designed the LiFEHOUSES to allow you maximum flexibility in layout, so a wall can be added when you need an extra bedroom (or large sliding doors, or other screening) to create another private space.

A: No - you purchase the house design from us, with a full set of plans. You purchase the land separately.  The final plans are ready for you to take to a builder (or several builders) for quoting, and to Council and/or a Building Surveyor for permits. Our ‘Steps to Owning a LiFEHOUSE’ page outline the steps through the process.

A: Check out our ‘Choosing your block’ page for some advice.

A: We encourage you to make the LiFEHOUSE your own, so go for it.  We have designed a great kitchen, but you can use your own design, build one yourself or find a second-hand one that suits the LiFEHOUSE layout. 

A: Indeed - the less resources the LiFEHOUSES use, the happier we are!

A: Our ‘Steps to Owning a LiFEHOUSE’ page outlines what is and is not provided as part of the package - generally, you do all this leg-work (hence the minimal package fee) but we are happy to do this on your behalf on an hourly rate if you wish.

A: It’s design fees are a fraction of the cost. A one-off house will cost somewhere around 10 - 12% of your construction budget for a full design and documentation package; the LiFEHOUSES package is potentially less than 25% of this cost, and you still get a fully-resolved, beautiful Lifehouse designed house!

A: It depends on many factors, but generally the standard LiFEHOUSES rate between 6 and 8 Stars (zone-dependent).  We can work with you to increase the energy rating of the LiFEHOUSE if you would like to achieve an even more efficient and higher rating house.