BDAV inaugural '10 Star Challenge' win









Lifehouse Design, in association with Crosby Architects and Lewin Consulting, were announced winners of the BDAV's inaugural '10 Star Challenge' at a gala dinner at Zinc at Federation Square in Melbourne on Friday 29th July, for the Flip_Flop House.


The house, rated 10 Stars, is based on passive-solar design principles and standard building materials and sizes to minimise waste during construction.  It does not need active heating and cooling. The house is also designed for social sustainability by adapting to ongoing lifestyle changes of occupants - it suits a single family, smaller family with teenager's pad or granny flat, two or three separate apartments... all with separate private gardens. 


See our Projects page for pics...  And also Sanctuary magazine, Issue 16, for a rundown on the shortlisted entries by Tim Adams. BDAV's website -