For us Uruguay was an enigma, a small country of some 3 million people, an almost secretive republic, nestled between two giants – Argentina to the West and Brazil to the North. Besides its diminutive size, it boasts some quite amazing achievements - two football World Cups, a few football World Club champions, a couple of football Olympic  Gold medals, star football players.....it was about now that we decided to find out what else happens in Uruguay besides football.

Some quick research informed us that perhaps this part of the world had a bit of history behind it, maybe even more than we imagined. For example, Uruguay instituted free education before England, women’s rights before France, the eight hour working day before the United States, divorce before Spain, and is considered the third most sustainable country in the world, according to the Environmental Sustainability Index.

Sustainable? That’s good, here’s something we at Lifehouse Design are really interested in...

 What makes such a small, relatively economically poor country rank only below Finland and Norway and above Sweden and Iceland, not to mention every other economically well off country?


flag of Republica Oriental Del Uruguay