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Choose your block of land

Choosing your block of land

When you’re looking for that perfect block of land to build on, check for the following important features:

North orientation

This is crucial to achieving a house that is really comfortable throughout the year.  If looking at small urban blocks, look for a block that has long north and south boundaries, short east and west boundaries.  This allows us to orient your LiFEHOUSE towards the north, maximising sunlight into the northern windows in winter.


Look for a block that has good solar access on the north - ie. no tall trees on the north side.  What you want is maximum sunlight penetration during the colder months when the sun is lower in the sky.  Note that your local Planning department will need to be consulted if you plan to remove any vegetation.


The best access points are from the south-east or south-west corners of the block.  This allows a carport or garage to be located on the east or west side of the house without compromising solar access to the north side of the house.


The most cost-effective block of land to build a LiFEHOUSE on is a flat one!  The greater the slope, the more cost is involved in accommodating the sub-floor design of the house.  An east-to-west or diagonal slope creates more design and cost challenges.


Check that the size of the block suits how you want to live (ie. is it big enough for that vegie patch you want to start, or for the kids to have space to run and play? Or is it too big for you to maintain with the time you have available?)  Also, check that the block size is appropriate for good solar gain (see North orientation above).


Check with your local Council that the block of land has the appropriate Zoning, and Planning Overlays, to accommodate a house.

Drainage / fire / flood hazards etc.

Check with your local Council regarding drainage, easements, and any potential natural hazards for the site.