LiFEHOUSE DESIGN begins a new chapter as it welcomes Angela as its new Director, and Paul and Robyn step down to pursue other creative ventures and a ‘soft retirement’. Angela has been with Lifehouse since 2010 and has embodied the nuances and modus operandi as part of her general practice for the last decade. 

LiFEHOUSE will continue to draw on the sound business model that has worked so well for Paul and Robyn over the years. Carrying on its legacy of hundreds of projects, large and small, many happy clients creating ongoing friendships, and houses that benefit from low emissions, greater thermal comfort year-round, and brighter, sunnier more emotive spaces.



Since completing the Advanced Diploma of Building Design, Angela has gone on to become an Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor (Energy Rater) and a Lecturer of Building Design at Bendigo Kangan Institute, specialising in sustainability as well as CAD documentation and modelling. In the past 13 years Angela has worked with multiple award-winning building design firms and a highly regarded landscape architect. Her role as a designer and energy rater has built a strong and passionate foundation for sustainable and energy-efficient design, with a high level of attention to detail.


Robyn works for Lifehouse as experienced and respected design consultant. After completing an Interior Design Degree at RMIT in 1989, Robyn worked in Melbourne with a variety of architecture and design firms. She brings extensive experience in residential, commercial and retail design to Lifehouse Design, which she established with Paul Hassall in 1997. Robyn’s design work also informs her printmaking practice – she exhibits her work locally, in Melbourne and internationally.


Paul also works for Lifehouse as experienced and respected structural design consultant. Bringing more than 40 years of experience in the design and building industries, he and holds the Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Architectural), and Diplomas in Permaculture Design and Farm Business Management. 


Jake holds the Advanced Diploma in Building Design. Since 2010 he has been in the metal fabrication industry with his main body of work focusing on engineering, designing and creating boutique custom metal pieces. He brings industry construction knowledge to Lifehouse as well as strong CAD skills and a questioning mind for sustainability that challenges building norms. 


Kym holds the Advanced Diploma in Building Design, and brings impeccable research skills to the team, and is what we call an ‘all rounder’ bringing all the skills to get projects completed. She is married to a builder and has buckets of industry knowledge, she also holds a bachelor of nursing and has been working in the health industry for the last 16 years.