Good design is the result of a close and sympathetic working relationship between designer and client – from beginning to completion of your project.

Preparing a brief

From our initial meeting, we will assist you in establishing a cohesive and detailed brief – a good brief outlines your needs, aspirations, limitations etc.  This will enable us to prepare an initial services and fee outline.

Initial services and fee outline

This document outlines the services we provide for your particular project, and the associated fees for each stage.

Preparation of engagement agreement

If you would like to proceed further with Lifehouse at this point, we will prepare a detailed agreement that forms the basis of our contract with you.  This document confirms your brief, outlines the stages of the design process in detail and includes our standard terms and conditions, engagement agreement, and  associated fees for each stage.

Upon appointment

Your acceptance and signing of the engagement agreement with us allows us commence on the design of your project, and to act on your behalf throughout the project.

Concept design and planning

This is our initial planning and design stage. Overall design principles are determined and site analysis is carried out. The concept ideas are presented to you for approval – these drawings consist of floor plans, elevations, and three-dimensional sketches of the proposals as relevant to each project.

Town Planning (if required)

Upon approval of the concept design, we prepare a specific set of drawings for lodgement to the relevant Council for Town Planning approval. This application contains a written report and drawings required in relation to specific municipal overlays that may apply to your particular site.

Design Development

This stage allows for full resolution of the project, from structural engineering through to the selection of interior colours and finishes. Sketches completed and approved during this stage form the basis of subsequent Contract Documentation. Building envelope details, technologies and systems (ie. heating, water systems etc.), energy efficiency measures, interior joinery, materials and finishes, fixtures and fittings are all resolved during this stage.   Liaison with other consultants – especially structural engineer and building surveyor – also occur during this stage.

Contract Documentation

These technical drawings enable lodgement for Building Approval, and for issue to prospective builders/contractors for quoting and construction. These drawings include floor plans, elevations, sections, architectural details as required, door and window schedules, electrical and roofing plans, joinery details, and Scope of Works Schedules.

Tender Process

During this stage we liaise with tendering builders, to enable accurate quotes for your project.  We then evaluate submitted tenders, and assist you in selection of a builder.

Contract Administration

Our role during this stage constitutes general project overseer, and includes liaison with the selected builder to arrive at a final contract price, periodic site inspections, checking of work-in-progress regarding design intent, providing supplementary details and information as required on site, administering variations and obtaining client approvals, attending meetings as required, and preparation of defects lists prior to Practical Completion