Merrifield Street 2.0

New house
170 square metres
On the drawing board

This three bedroom new build is for repeat clients who have been loving their Lifehouse ever since it was designed for them in 2003. The clients want to downsize from their current house, and have subdivided their block, engaging Lifehouse to build a smaller, but equally low maintenance dwelling for the next phase of their life. The design approach was to create a low visual profile on the landscape and an exposed, modular structural framework.

The new dwelling has been designed for ageing in place, and with high thermal performance in mind. Zero thresholds, wider corridors, and handrails are essential details for a comfortable home designed for longevity.

A green roof was part of the initial concept to achieve the high energy rating outcome, but was eventually phased out due to budget considerations. Even so, the project still has strong energy ambitions.

Timber lined ceilings provide a warmth and beauty to the interior.

See the original Lifehouse project photo below, which is standing the test of time even better than we hoped!